JMG Reviews


JMG: Pacific Oaks — West Goleta Office

“Thoughtful, thorough, and kind.”

— Suzanne Pestel (re: Carrie Brothers, PA-C)

JMG: Pacific Oaks — West Goleta Office

“Prompt, professional, accommodating, thorough, and an overall pleasurable and informative experience!” 

— Andre B (regarding: Carrie Brothers, PA-C)

JMG: Hollister — Main Goleta Office

“Very smart, accurate, highly skilled doctor/physician. He is also charismatic and very attentive to needs.”

— Rhoda Ann Demonteverde, Director of Care, LVN, Homecare Casa Rhoda 123 Inc. (regarding: Dr. Ehsani)

JMG: Pacific Oaks — West Goleta Office

“I liked his thorough comprehensive proactive approach to my overall long term health.” 

— Robert Coles (regarding: Dr. Jalilian)

JMG: Hollister — Main Goleta Office

“Dr. Ehsani helped me focus in on my most pressing needs, clearly laying out my options and his experienced recommendations.”

— Geren Piltz (regarding: Dr. Ehsani)

JMG: Santa Barbara Office

“My new patient visit with Dr. Cummings today was excellent. He and his staff are knowledgeable, efficient, and caring. I would like to thank the doctor and his staff for a wonderful experience.”

— D. R. (regarding Dr. Cummings)

JMG: Hollister — Main Goleta Office

“I am a very happy new patient! Looking forward to all my visits with Dr. Ehsani! For better, healthy lifestyle! The staff was very friendly and helpful!”

— Theresa Garcia (regarding: Dr. Ehsani)

JMG: Pacific Oaks — West Goleta Office

“Dr. Jalilian was professional and took the time to listen and understand and advise.”

— Fred Lehto (regarding: Dr. Jalilian)

JMG: Hollister — Main Goleta Office

“Dr. Ehsani was very nice, made me feel comfortable and his staff was awesome!”

— Ana Hernandez (regarding: Dr. Ehsani)

JMG: Hollister — Main Goleta Office

“Dr. Ehsani was excellent! I got all the referrals I needed and was entertained by his great sense of humor. I appreciated his non-alarmist but thorough approach to recommending age-appropriate referrals.”

— Tracy Johnson (regarding: Dr. Ehsani)

JMG: Pacific Oaks — West Goleta Office

“Excellent service, care, and concern shown by staff and doctor!”

— Ryan Kasmier (regarding: Dr. Jalilian)

JMG: Hollister — Main Goleta Office

“Great attitude, bed side manner. I was a patient of Dr. Douglas Jackson’s as a child, and am glad to be back!”

— Cliff Maher (regarding: Dr. Ehsani)

JMG: Pacific Oaks — West Goleta Office

“Prompt, professional, accommodating, thorough, and an overall pleasurable and informative experience!”

— Andre B. (re: Carrie Brothers)

JMG: Hollister — Main Goleta Office

“Great Lady, honest, direct, and smart (knowledgeable).”

—Nancy Nixon (regarding: Karen Hanna Arndt)

JMG: Pacific Oaks — West Goleta Office

“Dr. Jalilian is very courteous and gives excellent advice on my health issues; listens!”

— Michael Acosta (regarding: Dr. Jalilian)

JMG: Hollister — Main Goleta Office

“My experience at Jackson Medical was very exceptional. I felt very comfortable.”

— Heidi Jackson (regarding: Karen Hanna)

JMG: Pacific Oaks — West Goleta Office

“One of the best doctors I’ve ever seen.”

— Lila Halbers (regarding: Dr. Jalilian)

JMG: Carpinteria Office

“Ms. Warner solved an issue that I have been dealing with for 6 weeks and I am so grateful.”

— Susan Pollard (regarding Nancy Warner)

JMG: Carpinteria Office

“Nancy was very knowledgeable and gave me great references on suggestions on what could help me.”

— Jamie Gilluly (regarding Nancy Warner)

Anna J. of Goleta, California

“I would highly recommend Dr. Cummings. A friend of mine recommended him and it was the best medical decision I have made thus far. His medical knowledge and creativity lead to a diagnosis of my leg injury that three other doctors and physical therapy offices could not identify. Throughout the process his empathy and motivation to find a cure restored the hope that I had lost that I would one day be able to run again. I have recently signed up for the half marathon in May of this year. Other than his medical know-how, he proved to be sociable, approachable, and professional.”

5-Stars Rating. Patient Feedback Card.

Ken A. of Santa Barbara, California

“Caring Doctors. . . and caring staff! Thank you, Jackson Medical Group!”

4-Stars Rating.

Dylan of Goleta, California

“I’ve been a patient for my entire 21 years and every time I’ve been sick Jackson Medical Group is where I go because I know it will be an effective visit and also not awkward, which a lot of other doctors office visits seem to be. The JMG staff is friendly and I have never had cause for complaint.”

5-Stars Rating. Google Places Review.

Santa Barbara patient,

Dr. William Guddal received the highest rating for ease of appointment, promptness, accurate diagnosis, time, follow-up and courteous staff at

4-Stars Rating.

‘Long time patients’ of Santa Barbara, California

“My family has used Jackson Medical Group for 25+ years and we each have our favorites … Dr Jackson is the favorite of my 22 yr old son because he’s simply able to adeptly relate to young adults! Dr. Cummings is great with my husband who has a long standing chronic disease and there is no one quite like Nancy Warner as a resource for women. We’ve been through all sorts of health challenges in the last 25 years and this is the place we continue to return to for consistently reliable care.”

5-Stars Rating. Google Places Review.

Matt M. of Santa Barbara, California

“Doctor Cummings is a very good doctor and I would highly recommend him to anyone! He has caught several things nobody else has! He is very thorough, and has a wonderful bedside manner!”

5-Stars Rating. Yelp Review.

Harlene Conlin of Santa Barbara, California

“I have been in the expert care of Nancy Warner, FNP for over 27 years and I can honestly say she has saved my life more than once. Her broad medical knowledge accompanied by her compassionate comprehensive care is greatly valued by me and my entire family. She is our “go to” healthcare professional for basically everything. If needed she refers us to a specialist and her referrals are as good as gold. I can’t even express in words how much Nancy has meant to the ongoing healthcare of our family, we treasure her!”

5-Stars Rating, but it should be more. Patient Feedback Card.

Google User of Santa Barbara, California

“Very caring staff. Excellent nurse practitioners. We feel we’re in good hands with this primary care group.”

5-Stars Rating. Google Places Review.

Nancy & Louis Mariani of Santa Barbara, California

“Dr. Douglas Jackson has done a wonderful job putting together the Jackson Medical Group of doctors and nurses. They have been very caring and thorough and we are so appreciative to be able to have been connected with this fine medical group all these years.”

“Thank you, Dr. Jackson, for a job well done!”

5-Stars Rating. Patient Feedback Card.

Ellen Manning of Santa Barbara, California

“Dear Dr. Cummings, Hilary, Cameron and JMG office staff, I am so thankful and grateful for your always demonstrating friendliness, efficiency, respect, kindness, gentleness and loving concern for me, a patient. This year, in particular, I have had to bother all of you with extra visits, multiple phone calls with request and always you responded so patiently, thank you. My latest request, with a letter from Dr. Cummings was a huge request and, once again, it was completed with patience and efficiency.”

“I’m grateful for you and the wonderful attention I receive! With appreciation, Ellen Manning”

5-Stars Rating. Patient Feedback Card.

Sandra Ramdunt of Santa Barbara, California

“Elsa, Hilary and Dr. D. Cummings were wonderful! Your office has a nice friendly feeling & everything was professional and done in a rapid manner.”

“I appreciate your help!”

5-Stars Rating. Patient Feedback Card.

Robert Sedivy of Santa Barbara, California

“Re: Excellence in Customer Service at your Carpinteria office . . .

The timing was remarkable for each stage of treatment. Your staff made sure I received the best service and did not get lost in the system . . .

The professional service was terrific at every level, and the degree of care I received makes me feel special as a patient. Both I and you are lucky to have such a competent and caring staff . . .

Thanks again for all your staff has done for me, Robert Sedivy”

Patient Feedback Card. JMG Carpinteria Office.

Carla A. of Santa Barbara, CA

“I really appreciate the care I’ve received from Karen Hanna. I especially grateful for the time she took with me during a recent pelvic exam. I usually have difficulty with pelvic exams but Karen took the time with me beforehand to ease my concerns. She has followed through on making referrals for me. Excellent! She is patient and very direct. With Karen Hanna, I feel that I am being cared for by someone who really cares about me and my problems.”

“I’m glad that I can make appointments with Karen Hanna at the JMG Goleta office, because it’s closer to my home than the Santa Barbara or Carpinteria offices. I appreciate the caring staff of Jackson Medical Group!”

5-Stars Rating. Yelp Review.

Marco P. of Santa Barbara, CA

“I want thank Nancy Warner, Dr. Guddal and the Jackson Medical staff for taking such good care of my father. I brought in my father with severe back pain. Nancy Warner successfully diagnosed a kidney stone with a urine test and got us into Sansum Clinic the same day for a follow-up with the urologist and a CT a Pueblo Radiology. Then, Dr Guddal from your office called the next day to follow-up. ”

“Your staff made sure that my father did not ‘fall through the cracks’ in the system. Much appreciated! The professional service was top-notch at every level. We highly recommend Jackson Medical Group. Thank you! ”

Patient Feedback Card.

Nicholas P. of San Luis Obispo, CA

“I’ve been going here to Jackson Medical Group since I was an adolescent, as well as my family through our insurance. Their doctors are excellent, specifically Dr. Ehsani and Dr. Cummings. I have seen them the most, especially Dr. Ehsani at the Goleta office that is nearest to my house now.

Dr. Ehsani is extremely patient, mellow mannered, kind, caring. Dr. Ehsani listens you and will help out a lot if you call him later for further advice, progress reports.

I’ve only had the same sort of experience with Dr. Cummings. Very easy going, nice, caring, and super knowledgeable. He usually offers insights he’s seen over his years and goes a little into the science of things if you press him, which I really like.

My family members all love them too.”

Patient Feedback Card.

A.G. of Goleta, CA

“I am 18 and find this place to be a great place with a friendly atmosphere. I have Dr. Cummings who explains any medical issues I have in a fun way and does not make things awkward and scary like most doctors. I totally recommend this facility and will be staying for a long time. Its hard to find a genuine primary care doctor anymore. Thank you JACKSON MEDICAL GROUP!”

Patient Feedback Card.

Karina Flores

“The Front Desk was very nice and welcoming!”

Written Permission to post full name and comments. Patient Feedback Card from New Goleta Office at Pacific Oaks Road.

Cindi L. Pipes

“I love this new office and Dr. Jackson treated me better than any primary care physician I’ve had in years. He was compassionate and a great listener. Nice staff! 5-Star Rating!”

Written Permission to post full name and comments. Patient Feedback Card from New Goleta Office at Pacific Oaks Road.

For the Best of Health

For more than 30 years, our goal at Jackson Medical Group has been to provide the best Santa Barbara doctors, family practice, internal medicine, and primary health care available in this area. To this end, we are committed to rendering exemplary, compassionate, and efficient family medicine to individuals in need of this service in Santa Barbara County.