“Re: Excellence in Customer Service at your Carpinteria office . . .

The timing was remarkable for each stage of treatment. Your staff made sure I received the best service and did not get lost in the system . . .

The professional service was terrific at every level, and the degree of care I received makes me feel special as a patient. Both I and you are lucky to have such a competent and caring staff . . .

Thanks again for all your staff has done for me, Robert Sedivy”

Patient Feedback Card. JMG Carpinteria Office.

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Robert Sedivy of Santa Barbara, California

“I really appreciate the care I’ve received from Karen Hanna. I especially grateful for the time she took with me during a recent pelvic exam. I usually have difficulty with pelvic exams but Karen took the time with me beforehand to ease my concerns. She has followed through on making referrals for me. Excellent! She is patient and very direct. With Karen Hanna, I feel that I am being cared for by someone who really cares about me and my problems.”

“I’m glad that I can make appointments with Karen Hanna at the JMG Goleta office, because it’s closer to my home than the Santa Barbara or Carpinteria offices. I appreciate the caring staff of Jackson Medical Group!”

5-Stars Rating. Yelp Review.

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Carla A. of Santa Barbara, CA

“I want thank Nancy Warner, Dr. Guddal and the Jackson Medical staff for taking such good care of my father. I brought in my father with severe back pain. Nancy Warner successfully diagnosed a kidney stone with a urine test and got us into Sansum Clinic the same day for a follow-up with the urologist and a CT a Pueblo Radiology. Then, Dr Guddal from your office called the next day to follow-up. ”

“Your staff made sure that my father did not ‘fall through the cracks’ in the system. Much appreciated! The professional service was top-notch at every level. We highly recommend Jackson Medical Group. Thank you! ”

Patient Feedback Card.

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Marco P. of Santa Barbara, CA

“I’ve been going here to Jackson Medical Group since I was an adolescent, as well as my family through our insurance. Their doctors are excellent, specifically Dr. Ehsani and Dr. Cummings. I have seen them the most, especially Dr. Ehsani at the Goleta office that is nearest to my house now.

Dr. Ehsani is extremely patient, mellow mannered, kind, caring. Dr. Ehsani listens you and will help out a lot if you call him later for further advice, progress reports.

I’ve only had the same sort of experience with Dr. Cummings. Very easy going, nice, caring, and super knowledgeable. He usually offers insights he’s seen over his years and goes a little into the science of things if you press him, which I really like.

My family members all love them too.”

Patient Feedback Card.

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Nicholas P. of San Luis Obispo, CA

“I am 18 and find this place to be a great place with a friendly atmosphere. I have Dr. Cummings who explains any medical issues I have in a fun way and does not make things awkward and scary like most doctors. I totally recommend this facility and will be staying for a long time. Its hard to find a genuine primary care doctor anymore. Thank you JACKSON MEDICAL GROUP!”

Patient Feedback Card.

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A.G. of Goleta, CA

“The Front Desk was very nice and welcoming!”

Written Permission to post full name and comments. Patient Feedback Card from New Goleta Office at Pacific Oaks Road.

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Karina Flores

“I love this new office and Dr. Jackson treated me better than any primary care physician I’ve had in years. He was compassionate and a great listener. Nice staff! 5-Star Rating!”

Written Permission to post full name and comments. Patient Feedback Card from New Goleta Office at Pacific Oaks Road.

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Cindi L. Pipes